2021/12/24 14:07

All the brushes which are utilized in washing cupboard are excessive best tender coating (Low-E) brushes. The drying unit includes a fan with an air filter. After the primary glass is washed, it is going at once to the panel press then the device holds the primary glass in suspension on a rubber made impartial suction cups. The 2nd glass, on which butyl carried out body has been mounted, is located and stabilized through an air cushion. The movable phase routinely brings the primary glass onto the second and urgent them uniformly.

washing cupboard

Hydraulic urgent machine applies unique pressures for unique thickness and butyl is pressed similarly from 4 aspects through making use of same pressure. The vacuum machine makes the clicking unit to paintings routinely in excessive velocity consistent with the glass length to save you strength loss. 

Inside of the clicking is fabricated from anti-static felt and air cushion machine to save you glass breaking whilst urgent. The line is computerized and managed through a PLC machine. Hydraulic tilting desk on the give up of the road is used for moving of large sized heavy glasses and used for sealing. All the features are operated from a multi-language and consumer pleasant manage panel.