The insulating glass production industry presents a continuous development trend According to the latest statistics, in recent years, the insulating glass production industry has continued to maintain a steady development momentum, making important contributions to the development of construction
2023/08/02 17:25
A and B pump in the Two-component Sealant-Spreading Machine undertake Korea producer HASCO.So it can make certain the reliable working-effect.Special and available blended machine can make positive the immoderate best mixing of the two-component polysulphide glue and/or two-component silicone form 
2023/03/22 11:18
LJCJ02 kind insulating glass fuel filling laptop computer is a one-of-a-kind tools for insulating glass. The system by means of microcomputer and imported from the sensor to shape a closed loop manipulate system, immoderate diploma of good equipment, special control, pneumatic interest adjustable,
2023/03/22 11:11
All the brushes which are utilized in washing cabinet are immoderate high-quality soft coating (Low-E) brushes. The drying unit consists of a fan with an air filter. After the principal glass is washed, it is going at as soon as to the panel press then the system holds the major glass in suspension
2023/03/22 10:59
A pneumatic glass handing manipulator is operated by using compressed air. The device does not use electricity and is safe and reliable, and easy to operate. It is an essential glass handling tool for the modern glass processing industry. The air flowing through the vacuum generator causes Vacuum
2023/02/15 16:37
Main feature• Adopt Siemens PLC manipulate system • Molecular sieve may be 0.5 – 0.9mm or 1.0 – 1.5mm sizes • Touch display screen interface, easy and visible • The system peak may be adjusted consistent with the scale of spacer frame • Automatically loading and top off molecular sieve •
2022/12/21 15:32
KTLQ-2500 glass washing device can wash maax glass of 2500mm*3500mm, greater massive length and much less length may be optional. - Self-Diagnosis device with contact display on computer. - Stainless metallic washing machine with 8 ( 6 ) brushes, tender brushes from MONFORTS of Germany, difficult
2022/12/21 15:02
Whole machine undertake man-gadget interface, the operation is more handy and instinct with the simplified wondering layout interface. The glass part and nook is complete with out air bubbles, s mooth surface, no want to pare the nook the situation that the glass are reduce levelly and with out
2022/12/21 14:56
A and B pump in the Two-component Sealant-Spreading Machine undertake Korea manufacturer HASCO.So it can make sure the dependable working-effect.Special and handy blended gadget can make sure the excessive fine mixing of the two-component polysulphide glue and/or two-component silicone shape glue.
2022/11/21 14:49
The whole LJBZ2535 Insulating Glass Production Line has 7 sections:  01 transfer section;  02 washing machine; 03 discharge section;04 inspection and installation section; 05 transfer section; 06 pressing and filling section; 07 discharge section.Optional functions: •Step glass with optional edges
2022/11/21 13:28
LJCJ02 type insulating glass gasoline filling laptop is a one-of-a-kind gear for insulating glass. The gadget via microcomputer and imported from the sensor to structure a closed loop manipulate system, excessive diploma of sensible equipment, unique control, pneumatic attention adjustable,
2022/11/16 17:35
Regarding glass, all and sundry ought to understand greater approximately domestic development glass, however I will introduce hole glass gadget today , that's notably new to many people, or even feels clueless. Insulating glass is to preserve a positive distance among  portions of glass via way of
2021/12/24 14:09