Butyl extruder double glass bars adhesive machine

  1. Saving butyl by compared with ordinary machine. The glue can reach 7g/m.

  2. Adjust the width of glue head automatically, ensure the double side gluingis consistent with the quick opening valve integrated control.

  3. Adopt brand hydraulic system to ensure uniform and full rubber output.

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Product Details

LJTB01 butyl extruder machine

Butyl machine

The type of LJTB01 butyl extruder machine is used for spreading aluminum spacer frames evenly with hot melt butyl. LJTB01 butyl extruder machine use large electrical control panel which makes the operation more easier. The conveyor of aluminum is controlled by frequency converter, and the speed can be adjusted from 0m/min to 47m/min, which has the fastest speed in China. LJTB01 butyl extruder machine is very popular with energy-saving. Its squeezing system adopts pneumatic and hydraulic supercharging system, which makes the squeezing pressure more stable. The dispensing cylinder uses vertical rotary support system and it makes the refill of butyl easier. It can prolong the life of squeezing system and set the heating time in 24 hours with electricity and air pressure. The distance of squeezing head can be adjusted automatically according to different aluminum spacer. The LJTB01 butyl extruder machine has reached the worldwide technology with the characteristic of complete function and stable working mode.


Technical Data of  frequency converter

Squeeze pressure10-18MPa
Aluminum spacer width4-30mm
Diameter of butyl cylinder200mm
Air supply0.4m³/min
Air pressure≥0.6MPa
Total power380V, 5KW, 50HZ

Main components

Low voltage electrical apparatusSIEMENSGerman
Hydraulic and pneumatic supercharging systemMAXIMATORGerman
Frequency converterKINCOChina
Pneumatic components(cylinder/valve)ARTACTaiwan
Quick exhaust valve/Vacuum generatorSMCJapan SMC
Travel lightOMRONJapan
Optical fiberOMRONJapan

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