Insulating glass production line for window and doors

1, Pre-washing section
2, Automatic accurate positioning for 3-4 sides  stepped  DGU
3, Air-floating conveyor

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Product Details

1, Loading part


To Avoid the low-e Glass put inverse side and Leave wheel marks or scratch low-e Coating  We use coating inspection -metal film conductive (other company use Photoelectric detection, hard to recognize for higher transparent film coating)

(Nylon and Polyurethane + metal column)

 2, Washing and Drying part

* Three pairs soft brushes can wash low-e glass and normal glass , the diameter is less than 0.1mm.

* Materials are stainless steel.  

* Wind knife is float design , it always keep the right and suitable distance 3mm between the glass surface and wind knife (Same like LISEC structure(Remark: 3mm is the best drying distance)

 3,Detecting part

4,  Assembly part


Built-in beam lifting structure (double beams)

Convenient for detect and wipe the glass

5  Adjustable Pressing Parts


1, There have stress after welding in the Pressing frame ,So out-of -shape problems is inescapable after using some time(machine can not press DGU properly, evenly and tightly )

that is not good for IGU quality, any glass project can not accept these products


For this uneven inescapable issue, here are our solution :


  1. we all do the aging treatment , it’s the stress-remove by vibration failure device.


  2. The important is We design the 74 points on the backbord, if there have any out-of shape problems we can adjust easily at any time. ( same like Bystronic structure )



    6  Electricity components

    We are using Germany simens/ japan yaskava


    Main components list





Servo motor

Germany Simens

For stepped glass

Servo driver

Germany Simens

For stepped glass

Servo motor

Germany Simens

For transfer

Servo motor

Germany Simens

For press


Germany Simens

Low voltage component

Germany Simens

Frequency converter

Germany Simens

Switching power supply

Taiwan MW

Optoelectronic switch

Korea Autonics

Pneumatic component

Taiwan Airtac

Pneumatic component

Taiwan Airtac

Touch screen

Taiwan Wenview

Travel switch

Taiwan (TEND)


Japan Omron

Button and indicator light

French Schneider



Technical data


2000*2500 size


Normal glass



Glass with argon gas


2500*3500 Max glass size

Normal glass


Glass with argon gas

2500*3200mm size


Glass thickness


Insulating glass thickness

50mm(special made for 60mm need special notice)

Glass washing speed

Summer 8-10m/min winter 6-7m/min

Glass conveyor speed:


Washing brushes

3 pairs

Water supply:

Water consumption:0.5t/h conductivity:≤50μs/cm6-7

Air supply

Flow: 0.8m/min

Air pressure


Total power

3P380V 50HZ 34KW








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