Argon gas filling machine for insulating glass processing flexible manual inflating

1. High effectively, allowing for four IG glass.

2. When the gas is full, it will alarm and stop automatically.

3. Small ocupition and fexible for use.

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Product Details
LJCJ02 type insulating glass gas filling machine
LJCJ02 type insulating glass gas filling machine is a special equipment for insulating glass. The device by microcomputer and imported from the sensor to form a closed loop control system, high degree of intelligent equipment, precise control, pneumatic concentration adjustable, charging efficiency is high, the operation is simple. It is essential to further improve the performance
of the insulating glass equipment.
Argon gas filling machien

The conditions of use

1.The argon gas source: pressure 0.1Mpa, flow 0.01L/min.

The conditions of use

2 The use of the environment: 0~40 C, no condensation, operation panel and control

Power supply
can be request
Input power
Contour dimension
Machine net weight

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