Vertical Insulated Glass Production Line

1.German Siemens PLC control system, stable performance

2.Automatic identification of  Low-E glass,  can wash online and offline Low-E glass

3.The width of the air knife of the washer can be adjusted automatically according to the thickness of the glass

4.Install speed indicator to automatically display washing speed

5.Automatic closing of air knife, intelligent intermittent energy saving work

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Product Details

Description of insulating glass production line

What does insulating glass production line do? Insulating glass production line is mainly for glass cleaning, plate pressing and inflation. It is mainly divided into 7 sections (8 sections for double pressing)

What kinds of insulating glass production lines do lijiang have? 

We have air-filled insulating glass production line, air-floating insulating glass production line, double-filled insulating glass production line

Features of insulated glass production line

1.Automatic closing of air knife, intelligent intermittent energy saving work

2.Inside online filling gas , synchronous pressing; fast filling speed, high concentration, automatic display of the filling speed and gas content

3.The pressing surface of the plate can be adjusted to ensure that the plate surface will not deform for a long time

4.It can be used for secondary pressing of super long  glass

Double pressing and filling gas IG line, two pieces of IG units complete pressed and filled in one time

Technical parameters of insulating glass production line

UnitInsulating glass production line
Total power KW39.5-44
Washing speedm/min2~10
Maximum working speedm/min45
Minimum glass sizemm450*280
Maximum glass sizemm2000*3500once)
2500*4000 twice
2500*4500 (Secondary pressing plate and auxiliary sucker mechanism)
Flat glass thicknessmm3~15 optional 3-30
Washing brushes Pieces6
Maximum thickness of insulating glassmm60
Total gas consumption L/min1200
Conveyer roll height mm520

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