Vertical Edge Deleting Machine LJCM2545


1. Six sets of servo motors, British TRIO system

2. Inlet-outlet with two-direction , 4 directions are available

3. Automatically measure glass size

4. Automatically distinguish Low-E film

5. The width of edge deletion is adjustable

6. PLC control system, touch screen interface

7. Intelligent control system, can recognize batch processing

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Product Details


  • Six units of servo motors, British TRIO system

  • Inlet-outlet with two-direction , four instructions are available

  • Automatically degree glass size

  • Automatically distinguish Low-E film

  • The width of part deletion is adjustable

  • PLC manage system, contact display screen interface

  • Intelligent manage system, can apprehend batch processing

Deleting shaped glass.png

       Deleting shaped glass                                                           Recognize Low-E film automatically


Voltage380V50Hz3P processing size2500mm*4500mm processing size300*400mm
Glass thickness3-15mm
Edge deleting width10-500mm
Glass conveying speed0-30m/min
Edge deleting speed2-29m/min
Grinding wheel width10/12/15mm
Total power15KW

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