Insulating Glass Sealing Robot Vertical

1. Japan Yaskawa servo control system, full automatic and high-efficiency

2. Automatic memory function, no need to input parameters repeatedly

3. Automatically repair glass corners with scraper and roller

4. Machine has four sections, can store glass

5. Automatically measure glass size and glue depth, adjust sealing speed

6. Adopt timing belt, smooth transfer and accurate position

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Product Details


  • Min & max glass sizes may be non-obligatory

  • Undertake eight servo motors

  • Undertake japan anchuan servo manipulate gadget with stable overall performance

  • Automatically degree glass length, glue depth and glue velocity with linear adjustment

  • Adopt timing belt to maintain smooth bring with accurate function

  • Spares are produced with high standardization and high precision, make sure the machine can be used with long-term operating

  • The glass corners are full with out air bubbles, smooth floor, no need to  

  • Full automated and excessive-efficiency device

  • New scraper design, particularly for making teach ig with very even facets and corners, with none bubbles.  

  • Automatically restore glass corners with stunning floor

  • Easy carry without scratch and pollution

  • Unmarried-feature parts are ready with guide functions, smooth adjustment

  • Shaped ig devices (non-obligatory)

  • Stepped ig units with four sides (optionally available)

  • Double and triple ig units

Detail Images

One Set of Pump A & Pump B

Equipped with single A component and single B component. Glue A and B automatic mixing, automatic ratio.

One Set of Pump AOne Set of Pump A
Pump APump B

Two Sets of Pump A & Pump B

Equipped with two sets of A components and two sets of B components, which can be used for two kinds of different sealants, such as silicone rubber, polysulfide rubber, silicone structural adhesive and so on.

Pump BTwo Sets of Pump A
Pump BPump A

Back Glue DeviceTwo Suckers Device

When the pressure increasing, more Glue B will flow 

back automatically, saving materials.

Adopting two suckers for preventing to move 

glass during sealing.

Back Glue Device Two Suckers Device

The Device of Sealing PartDyad Body Device

Adopt Japan YASKAWA servo motor to control the 

sealing part with 360°rotating. Setting scraper blade to scrape out extra glue and no need to repair glass 

corners by second time. 

The dyad body device has two functions. The left

one is used for filtering impurities and moisture

when filling gas into , then the right one plays the 

role of lubrication.

Glass Cutting Machine Video.pngDyad Body Device

Timing beltIntelligent Sensor

The time belt device ensure that glass can be 

smooth transmission and positioned accurately.

Automatically position the glass and sensor glue deep, 

the coating speed can be adjustable online.

Timing belt

Glass Cutting Machine

Storage FunctionEight Servos

It can store three pieces of insulating glasses when glass 

sizes are less than 1.8m.

The robot uses eight YASKAWA servos, four of 

them control transmission parts, in the another 

four servos, they control sucker, lifting, driving 

and revering mechanism and rotating.

three pieces of insulating glasses

Eight Servos

Main electrical components

The main electrical components are adopted Siemens, SMC and so on famous spares to maintain more stable performance.

Technical data size

2500*4000mm size


Glass thickness


Working speed


Air pressure


Squeeze pressure


Plane angle

6°- 9°

Max glass weight


Voltage power

380V 15kw

Overall dimension



Main components list





Servo motor


I/O model


Lower voltage component




Frequency converter


Switching power supply

Taiwan MW

Pneumatic component

Japan SMC





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