2021/12/24 14:09

Regarding glass, all and sundry ought to understand greater approximately domestic development glass, however I will introduce hole glass gadget today , that's notably new to many people, or even feels clueless. Insulating glass is to preserve a positive distance among  portions of glass via way of means of gluing. The center of the distance is notably dry air, and the outer edge is sealed again. Such a shape is typically utilized in ornament initiatives that require sound insulation. So, what are the precautions for the use of insulating glass gadget ? How ought to the insulating glass gadget be maintained and maintained? Let's recognize it with the editor.

Brush and conveyor roller.

Precautions for insulating glass equipment

1. When filling the water tank and demineralized water device, the tap water switch should be kept on and the water volume should be sufficient.

2. According to the actual situation, the water temperature controller in the electrical box can be adjusted to set the water temperature. Generally speaking, it is set at 15 to 50 ℃, and some neutral detergent can also be added appropriately, so that the best can be achieved Cleaning effect.

3. The thickness of the cleaning glass is 3 to 12mm. After drying, there may be traces of water droplets on the back edge of the glass, which is within the normal control range.

4. After the installation and adjustment, be sure to remember to run the test in the order of the operating instructions. If the glass is broken due to poor adjustment, you must quickly stop, transfer the inverted glass to pour out the broken glass, and clean it in time to avoid scratching the hair Brush and conveyor roller.