Full auto double glass making machine double glazing machinery line glass production machinery

1.Adopt SIEMENS control system, keep stable performance

2. PLC control system, touch screen interface

3. Wash online and offline low-e glass, automatically recognizes Low-e film

4.Washing part adopts the design of upper and lower layered structure

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Product Details

Vertical automatic insulating glass production line LJBZ2535

Main characteristics of insulating glass production line:

• Extra long insulating glass can be compressed twice

• The insulating glass production line adopts servo torque pressing glass

• The pressing plate adopts adjustable screws to ensure lasting pressing and high precision

• With precise adjustable front platen mechanism

• The system of insulating glass production line supports fault information diagnosis

• The platen can be opened up to 400mm wide for easy maintenance

automatic insulating glass production line is suitable for the production of four-sided step IG, three-layer IG and special-shaped IG

Optional functions:

• Argon automatic filling

• Automatic argon filling in the pressure plate, accurate gas concentration

• When filling IG, the rectangular dimension of the front of the filling should be 450mm(long) and 280mm(high).

• No drilling is required for gasket racks

• Argon is the standard gas

• Fast response sensor to permanently control the gas filling process

• When the insulating glass production line is working, the gas data is automatically set and displayed on the screen

Technical data

Max. glass size


Min. glass size


Glass thickness

3-15mm  / 19mm

Insulating glass thickness

50mm / 60mm

Glass washing speed


Glass conveyor speed


Washing brushes

3 pairs

Water supply

Water consumption:0.5t/h conductivity:40μs/cm

Air supply

Flow: 0.8m/min

Air pressure


Total power

3P 380V 50HZ 40KW






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